Tuesday 26 May 2009

Re-ment Lovely Chocolate

for a while now, i have gotten hooked on re-ment figures, and finally started collecting them! so first of all, i started with the Lovely Chocolate series from the Puchi Petite Collections~ *heart* re-ment, like gashapon, items are random and you will not know which set you are getting until you open it. but unlike gashapon, re-ment allows picky people like me, to control their luck! (hahah~) each set is sealed in a box, and that means you can shake and squeeze, and judge the weight and how many moving parts in there!

anyway, the first two sets were randomly bought from Action City (hobby shop) in 1Utama after DaiCon/EMiNA Roadshow recently. they were the Nostalgia Chocolates and Truffle Bears (as you can see, both are boxed - thinking that it was what i wanted).

Re-ment Lovely Chocolate: Truffle Bears

Re-ment Lovely Chocolate: Nostalgia Chocolates

but of course, my first choice was definately the Jewelry Box Chocolates! i had been so intent on getting my first choice, that i was willing to fork out RM110 to buy the FULL SET of ten, but kept holding back (thanks to financial restraints).

then guess what? recently when i went back to Action City in The Gardens, where i first saw the Lovely Chocolate series, it has been restocked up to around eight boxes! so of course i bought the one with a very fat box, which obviously MUST be what i wanted and true to my luck - i pried it open and i found the Jewelry Box Chocolates!

Re-ment Lovely Chocolate: Jewelry Box Chocolates

i am so happy i could die. but wait, i still have more things to buy! XD (i'll take actual photos of my re-ment collection next week~)


MedicOnTheRun said...

bleargh.. staying off chocolates for a while..
giving me fever recently..

あきこ said...

but they arent real chocolates! T^T they aint edible, but really good to look at, plus they dont give you sore throat nor fever (being non edible).

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