Sunday 21 June 2009

ONE week until Animangaki 2009!

i believe you must have heard about the upcoming event of the month (June is VERY special yes) - Animangaki which is organized by the committed members of SUAC. you can check out their website for the event here:

recently i have received an email from SUAC:
We from Sunway University College's Anime Club would like to cordially invite you and your friends to join us in our power packed anime event, Sun-U AniManGaki 2009 that is going to be held in two weeks time; 27th-28th June 2009 in celebration of Japanese anime and its culture.
dont worry if you did not receive the email, the invitation is open to ALL! what you have to do is prepare RM8 per day entry, or RM5 if you are a cosplayer in costume, and send yourself to the venue between 10am-6am!

what to expect from Animangaki:

you can find out more about the programme flow for the day here (with general rules and regulations to adhere to while you are in the event venue yeah).

so, do you want to see a page of the event booklet? (i'm leaking information. oops!) so you really? yes? well, i will not reveal to you the front cover or how many pages, but i'll show you just one page:

the sponsor's page!

congratulations to ywsmokona and her team for getting their hands shaken with these sponsors of theirs! (gosh, even i'm impressed for a first-time event!) so, go prep yourself to visit Animangaki next weekend!

btw, after the weekend at Animangaki, do check if you have been captured by their photographers in the gallery!

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