Monday 22 June 2009

Finale K-ON! (episode 12)

(mild spoiler.)

All About After School Teatime Members!
(in chronological order as the episode runs.)

mugi's thick eyebrows are actually... pickled radishes?!

is this mio's (left) true self... a fetish for costumes like sawa-sensei (right)?

azu-nyan finds out that yui is... a phony?!

Guitar: Yui

the lead guitarist is finally being... evicted?!

Drums: Ritsu

next please. *bricked*

The Story
(episode 12.)

at the school festival..

yui attempts yuri action to persuade azusa..

instead, yui got slapped..

and After School Teatime started without yui!

whatever has happened in the finale episode of K-ON? so much were going on, especially when episode 11 was entitled "Crisis" and now more conflicts arise? watch the episode(s) to find out for yourself!

oh and, we gets a special extra episode! encore~


Kion said...

Tsumugi looked really really weird without her eyebrows...xDDD

あきこ said...

hotaru> she'd look more strange with trimmed eyebrows! XD (strangely, in the k-on manga, it doesnt make as much fuss about her eyebrows like in the anime.)

Kion said...

Woah, you read the manga, too? I'm lazy to read it. xD It's really funny that they use the eyebrows to identify the daughter of the president. xDD

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