Tuesday 19 May 2009

past cosplay & acg events of 2009

i was just wanting to remove the past events (in chronological order top to bottom) that have graced the whole first half of the year 2009 from the sidebar list, so i thought i had better place it somewhere else... for instance, here. XD

events that i have attended from the list above are:
  1. march 15: SEALONLINE LAUNCH - cosplay: ryomou shimei (ikki tousen). but i have to say i was more of working instead of a visitor to the event, and my booth was passed to ywsmokona's members.
  2. march 19-22: HGAF - cosplay: none. i have to say i was not very excited about this event. i only went to have a peek on friday, i never actually 'attended' the event.
  3. march 21-22: ACGC - cosplay: tsubaki (soul eater). the reason that i was not at HGAF was because i paid full attention to ACGC instead. joined the cosplay competition with skypegasus and opened Unicornz booth as usual.
  4. march 21: JRockのTamashii - cosplay: n/a. the other reason i did not have time for HGAF was because i also attended a j-rock music event on the same weekend! i was with minori and we drank this huge glass of alcohol. hahah~

apparently i have been attending events in march only so far in 2009; as for may and june, i'm afraid i have to say i wont be able to attend any events (especially because they are all on the weekends) as i will be working again. its been so long.


MeLC said...

Are you currently working at a shop that sells computers?

あきこ said...

how'd you know? XD

i bet dianne told you~~~ she saw me at work last weekend.

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