Wednesday 8 July 2009

thank you for your support!

by 21 june, my blog ALIS has finally been visited and read by more than..

10,000k unique visitors+readers!

thank you so much to everybody! i sincerely appreciate your support for the past two years plus that i have been blogging and randomly changing layouts and adding more annoying sidebar clutter as time goes by.

i also want to use this opportunity to thank you guys for helping me to collect...

my first RM50+ from nuffnang ads!

i have requested for my first cheque on the 25 june, so i should be receiving my precious nuffnang letter by the end of july, as all earnings are only checked out on the last day of the month when the cheque was requested.

and guess what? that means i finally have funds for my own domain in the near future~ before we go there, i want to take the time to...

thank blogger for hosting my weblog!

as for my domain, i have a few ideas floating in my head, and probably will choose one based on something i heard on K-ON anime. however, if you have a suggestion (.com, .net, .org) please leave me a comment! i plan to get a dotnet domain.

once again, thank you for reading! you may follow me at other freelistings at:

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