Wednesday 8 July 2009

DaiCon Preparation Guide!

*SCREAMS* i bet you must have heard about DaiCon left and right; north, south, east, west. if not, then you may return under the stone where you came from.

it is official - there are THREE (3) days before the much awaited event. and who cares if i am not an associated blogger featured on the front homepage for DaiCon? i still have loyal readers and random visitors - thank you so much for your support!

only today, DaiCon website has been fully updated about many vital information. but what if you get information overload? no problem - allow me to guide you! XD

DaiCon Preparation Guide!

1. bookmark DaiCon's website - because it looks pwetty. oh and, do some clicking exercise (there are SO many pages to flip click). plus, after the event, i am sure you want to read the front page message "THANK YOU FOR COMING TO DAICON!" (even AFA08 did that.)

2. check event schedule - find out when are which activities you want to participate, and clear your planner for the day! if you are driving there, you may need to know how to get there and what is the visitor's pass for.

if you are going by public transport, you may catch the charter bus service (from Trader's Hotel to MMU Cyberjaya) or by rapidKL bus/train.

3. bring some lots of cash - because they won't use credit card. jeez. of course, you might want to do some shopping at the doujin booths and KKnM! this is the floor plan:

stairs to 1st floor(left) and wall of gashapon(right). (entrance #1 far right, but out of frame.)

daicon booth(left), entrance #2 (centre), info counter(right).

HALF of an undecorated Grand Hall of MMU! far left: maid cafe!

4. pack your bags+1 - casual visitors, cosplayers, and contestants alike: do remember to bring all your necessities (as cyberjaya is a tad far from your friendly neighbourhood anything), forms, CDs, art supply, modelling kit, and AWSM/ELITE tickets for Minorin! oh and, cameras, batteries, phones (to call for help when in case you get lost in Cyberjaya).

remember to bring a spare shirt (as the food stalls are outdoors, so you may get sweaty) and at least one extra bag (for chucking in everything in - you may be tired out by 6pm to arrange things neatly).

5. have fun at DaiCon - and meet me there! XD

although i am not an official member of EMiNA (DaiCon's organizer), you may leave me a comment and i will try to answer or redirect you to the contact us page. otherwise, you better go back to your bookmarked webpage at #1.


nQw said...

Why do you need to bring Cds and art supply to the event?

あきこ said...

nqw> CDs for Karaoke contest, art supply for Character Design contest, album/poster/photobook/whiteboard for Minorin's autograph session. du-uh.

did you bookmark DaiCon yet? if not, at least check out the activities available~

Anonymous said...

Hey nice write-up about Daicon preparation...I feel ashamed of my copy paste daicon update until now :P
Hope to see you there^^

あきこ said...

kusabemisao> thanks for the comment! XD

see you there too~

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