Thursday 3 September 2009


(ED song)

Ginban Kaleidoscope

"well, about today's Free Program, did we properly fly to the sky?"

"that sort of stuff, without saying it out loud, you'd know it's the best right?" replied Pete.

"really, you don't understand. there are things better off said in words even if you already know how it is..."

"is that so?"

"yeah, there are."

"i guess so. well, then... we definately flew through the sky that time. i think we showed them the best performance. i thought i'd never taste that sensation again. with this, there is nothing that i regret. thank you, Tazusa."

"one more thing... there's something i want to say..."

"what's wrong? with that scary face?"

"seriously, just shut up and listen! i..."

"oh, its snowing."


"letting snow fall for the parting scene, god can be easy going for doing this."


"hey, Tazusa."


"it seems my time is almost up."

"w-wait a minute! i still have something to say!"

"a lot of things happened for 100 days, huh? but the time flew by in a flash. i ate the most tomatoes in my life in these past three months, but it had been fun."

"don't go! its okay to share me... well, changing and taking a bath, there are a lot of other embarassing things, but i can endure that any time! so...!"

"being told these things by Tazusa, i'm honoured. but this was decided already. i told you i don't like crying."

"that and this is different."

Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete...

"Pete, i... about you..."

"i wish you'd see me off with a smile for the last time. Tazusa, goodbye."

"Pete, i love you."

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