Tuesday 15 September 2009

Daiso @ IOI mall - snacks and drinks!

over the last weekend, i was at IOI mall, so i decided to take a quick browse at Daiso for what new japanese-imported stuff they might have stocked for my eyes, wallet, and now... stomach. XD

located just before the cashier counters, there are four to five shelf-sides that are loaded with goodies that some of you may have been waiting for since going to Daiso outlets in other countries (i.e. singapore) where they have snacks and drinks.

i skipped the first shelf (clearly visible at Daiso IOI mall outlet entrance) as it was a small side that had stuff like instant noodles. plus, i dont want to be a traffic hazard at the entrance on a weekend!

junk food galore: a variety of potato chips, crackers, biscuits/cookies, and candies!

mostly drinks (bottles/cans) with fruity jelly, gum and marshmallows~

instant pre-ready jelly/pudding/yogurt(?), and crackers of sorts.

now i really want to spoil myself with all the yummies and review how they tasted, but i'll probably leave it to somebody with better taste buds than me. (i am not a junk foodie.) i'll probably treat myself with drinks and instant noodles (and perhaps marshmallows) the next time i give Daiso a visit.

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