Wednesday 30 September 2009

magnitude 7.9 earthquake!

unsuspectingly, i was rather frustrated at the slow internet line, which happened all of a sudden around 6.30pm today. while chatting with kclee, i actually said that it was probably the end of the month so most people are abusing their unused bandwidth. that was silly of me, no? XD

then he went like oh shi- because there was a magnitude 7.9 earthquake at padang, sumatra of indonesia! by then i was only staring at the figures: 475 km (295 miles) SSW of KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia. that means less than 500km away from KL!

the first tremor.
soon after ten minutes or so, another friend i was chatting to asked if i felt anything like an earthquake? i said no, but i told him there was one that happened recently at magnitude 7.9 500km away from KL! (i am such a drama queen eventhough i did not feel anything.)

luckily he was safe, because i terus interviewed him about his experience. ironically, his msn display nick was Miracle. XD

it seems that he was on the 8th floor and described the feel was "shake to right abit.. then left abit but still stay in same place" so he must have thought he was dizzy. as for his roommate, poor guy, was having his maggi and thought he was having a headache because the maggi was shaking a bit...

the second tremor.
and then, there was a second time Miracle felt the tremors! by then, he already noticed that there were many people gathering at the ground floor, probably calling the developers that the building was going to collapse, or call moms to buy their apartment lot numbers before saying that they phoned the developers, or call/msn/FB/twitter/etc their friends about what was happening to them (including calling the developer and mom). i'm sure someone would have yelled "EARTHQUAKE!!!" by then.

i am located at Puchong when it happened - did not feel a thing other than very slow internet.

Miracle was nearby university LRT station (on the 8th floor of a building) - felt the tremors.

his sister was nearby asia jaya LRT station (at work in office probably) - felt the tremors too.

did you?

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herman said...

i was inside my office and felt it, still havent finished my work but the building management keep announcing to evacuate the building and since its already past 6pm everyone going back, maybe this time god ask these busy people to leave their work, and get a life...

あきこ said...

oh dear. but i suppose it was efficient of them to announce to inform everyone to evacuate the building. glad to nobody got hurt in the might-have-been panic situation. :)

Jasmine みのり said...
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Jasmine みのり said...

About the earthquake, my trip to Indonesia-Borobudur seem to be going off the drain...due to the fearred tsunami and more earthquake, i thought i could escape my first week of uni(trip will be on 8oct)

あきこ said...

minori> yeah.. i have heard that CNN adviced people about the possible tsunami as after effect from the earthquake... sigh, what a waste for your trip if you cancelled it. but i suppose it would be safer... ;_;

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