Thursday 1 October 2009

my first eBay purchases!

since i am always hyping myself up whenever i see my blog ranking goes up, i am now blogging something randomly because i noticed my Alexa rank in Malaysa has gone back up to the 10,000 (ten thousands). as of press time (haha~), ranking globally is in the 2.4mil range. *happy dance*

so here are my first purchases from eBay in september!

firstly, Clannad first grade badge! actually i bought this for a friend, so it doesnt really count as mine. (what an evil friend of me - use my friend's money as test run. haha~)

secondly, i saw this lovely Nana finger-guard ring for bidding from 0.01GBP (great britain pounds or sterling pounds) and i won it at 0.01GBP! XD then i also helped another friend to bid on a lovely Vampire Knight chain (0.06GBP coz i was the second bidder) as it was too good to pass off~

playing with the lighting~

photo from the seller (saving the actual item for my friend~)

finally, i ordered this Re-ment Petit Mode Collection stand for the costumes i bought from Re-ment. well, i love this maid costume the best, but i dont have a 1/6 scale doll to wear it on, so why not get the stand? XD

the stated delivery/shipping time was 7-14 working days after payment, but i received it only 3 weeks later. by two weeks, i was getting worried as it was my first time ordering and all 3 bids were made within the same week - so you can imagine my worry when all items have not yet arrived 2 weeks later.

thank goodness they arrived! you just need to have a lot of patience to purchase anything from eBay apparently. happy shopping to those out there~

and before i sign off, today i received a non-purchased item which surprisingly was a lovely The Starter Wife cosmetic bag merchandise from Hallmark channel! i dont remember joining any Hallmark channel contest recently, so mum or someone (who watches Astro) must have won the prize for me... thank you lots! (unless you want it back... *pouts*)

lovely isn't it? <3

p.s. after thinking about it for a day, i realised that i DID join a Starter Wife contest from a june/july Galaxie magazine issue. it must have slipped my mind, because that month, i cut out ALL the magazine contests to join. looks like i won something! XD

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