Tuesday 6 October 2009

Blogger jump break... finally!

just last night, kclee informed me that his site went haywire but i said i saw it fine. then he pointed out the Read more link on the most recent post and that the sidebar was pushed to the bottom of the page.

first i was, OMG BLOGGER HAS JUMP BREAK NOW? (after some digging up, i read that the feature was available since 09-09-09.)

then i started to deduct that the width of the layout column was too small after adding the break, thus the sidebar moved.

tsuzuku means "continued" in japanese. often you will see this word at the end of j-dorama episodes.

however, once i started to test it on my own blog, i began to encounter similar issue too. but my problem hardly affected my blog asthetics at all. in fact, i did not notice it until i scrolled all the way down.

broken center align.

after that, i did what most good netizens would do in this case: google up a solution. instantly, i found a good site that was able to help me fix the broken jump break. bloggerstop.net has included three different errors that one may encounter when using the Blogger jump break, with solutions.

back to normal~

basically, the solution was simply to replace div tags with span tags via Edit HTML when editing each post so to not have the jump tag  in between any open/close div tags. and viola! the case is solved.

i also insert the jump break in all posts in october where suitable (for long posts, especially those with extra long list of photos).

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