Friday 9 October 2009

my first Bodyline Japan purchases!

my first Bodyline purchase was also my first purchase using Paypal~ it was a sort of celebratory reward for my first Nuffnang cheque and my first domain too!

minori and i shared the first order that i made at Bodyline in August, and DHL was so efficient that they actually arrived one day before the scheduled time! however, that caused me to miss the first shipment because it was not expected so soon.

size of the DHL white box from Bodyline!

i took a photo of the DHL box with my first Bodyline item (ordered through Aiko) to show the size comparison. as of september, this bag is already out of production. (the item page does not even exist now!)

our Bodyline items inside!

i ordered a bag, JSK, and shoes; while minori ordered a blouse, uniform set and separate set. it was such a delight, that we have to order more from Bodyline again! ^__^

at the end of september, i took another batch of orders with two friends again, and here they are! (yes, DHL shipped the box one day early again. haha~)

my new blouse and dress set with minori's new bag and skirt~

miracle ordered some for his beloved too~

since we are so happy with our orders from Bodyline, i decided to take Bodyline group orders officially! please visit my forum thread here to place your orders~

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