Monday 19 October 2009

BRS cosplay progress *update*

i woke up just before dawn due to some bad food stirring up in my stomach. so i went online to check emails for the group orders since i am up. then i downloaded the ridiculously large zip file from Majolica Majorca for the web design contest. wait, i am still downloading the 50mb+ zip file now. might as well do some quickie blogging while i wait.

which bring me to the subject of Black Rock Shooter aka BRS. here~ have a look at my beloved BRS miku:

black rock shooter, as designed by her creator HUKE.

this weekend, i will be joining the Vocaloid photoshoot and i will be BRS! <3 however, my WIP preparations are only 40% completed. check out the list that i made here:

  1. pair of long twintail (if you look closely, BRS has one side of her ponytail shorter!) - DONE
  2. blue contact lens - DONE
  3. blue eye flame - DONE
  4. black choker - cloth only
  5. black bikini top - DONE
  6. black hotpants - DONE
  7. white belt - DONE
  8. black gloves with strap - DONE
  9. black hoodie coat - DONE
  10. black boot covers - cloth only
*update* 20/10 - 50% today!
21/10 - makeup supply aquired!
22/10 - photo upload!
25/10 - 80% done!

well, that is the list for BRS. only. you have not seen the list i made for cosmetics! i still need to restock my makeup supply, as i am having only purely basic makeup kit items (foundation + powder).

oh! that ridiculous zip file has completed download. that's all for now~ i am so going back into bed. (perhaps later today i will come update this post with photos. stay tuned!)

test shot of my inner costume~
(see how my hand strategically cover the scar areas?)

test shot of the scar BRS is supposed to have on her body~

gloves with the strap~


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- said...

BRS...not a bad a good challenge to you..i think,Ganbate oh..i waiting for can do it!

あきこ said...

thank you~ ^__^ hope to share some good photos from the shoot~

- said...

Nice jod..the costume very nice!like it!

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