Monday 9 November 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

cosplayer + lolita + fangirl + shopaholic + devoted netizen = you know what i want. *wink*

those who saw my tweet which said that i was in Low Yat Plaza very recently, here's why - kclee and i were browsing for a nice little something, specially for yours truly. follow my top 5 treat list countdown to find out what it is!

Number 5 -
Yukari's ballgown!

a creation by George Koizumi from Paradise Kiss~

if i could have this costume, it would be the most awesomesause cosplay i ever do! see all that bling pearls, circling in a blooming flower pattern... all the lace, prim and proper for a princess.. and all the roses, for nothing else will be better!

if you werent hypnotized into wanting this (for yourself or for your girl), you gotta get your eyes checked. definately!
Total = RM500

Number 4
- Angelic Pretty lolita wardrobe!

Memorial cake halterneck jumper skirt

Milky of the fawn alice band & Lovely heart fake fur head dress

Milky of the fawn beret

Melty chocolate bracelet

Melty chocolate bag

i would have to say Angelic Pretty is among my top favourite japanese lolita brand. what's not the reason to get them? of course i wish for these! *heart*
Total = 55230yen

Number 3
- Japanese yukata!

yukata set with obi, geta, and kinchaku!

i have always wanted to wear a yukata to the annual Bon Odori, but finding a white yukata is just SO hard. if it is available, its too expensive. if its affordable, its out of stock!

this yukata set just sums up everything i need to prepare myself - for the next Bon Odori in 2010! XD
Total = RM300

Number 2
- Debit card with credit to spend!

you may or may not know, but i am a shopaholic in my way - i love to window shop! and i do not mean walking your poor legs off for 12 hours in a shopping mall, where you cannot buy anything at the end of the day.. i mean WINDOW shop - shopping online!

i shop for costumes, lolita, wigs, shoes, accessories, collectibles, books, and as if that is not enough, i shop for my friends too! (aren't friends the GREATEST people in the world? if you dont have the cash, spend for your friends! hahaha~)

as much as i like shopping in a mall, the world is just SO BIG. how can i restrict my shopping appetite to physical shops? why, internet is the solution!

Total = unknown (though most of it will go to books!)

Number 1
- Dell Inspiron 13!

such a tiny tiny thing yet 13.3" High Definition (1366x768) LED Display with TrueLife - that means its small, looks great and pleasing to the eye! what i like about it is the 4GB memory, 320GB hard drive, and Windows7 included (i have been wanting to try Win7)~

the dell inspiron 13 also comes with 1-year hardware warranty and 1-month McAfee trial - so in your first 30-day 'honeymoon period' (getting to know each other), cucuk all your dirty thumbdrives in to clean up! muahaha~

i am saving the best for last - wireless freedom! yeah, yeah, i know most (if not all) laptops today have wireless network card built-in, but i never owned a laptop before - it means a lot to me = 24/7 window shopping, live blogging from cosplay events, and while outstation (on vacation/away from home)!

i would love to own the sexy red one!

if you are buying it today, use this special coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 from Dell that would allow anyone who makes purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY) with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption! This promotion is only available online or by calling Dell at 1800-88-0301.
This coupon code expires on  10th Nov 2009.

ahh... now i can revise my top 10 treats list to include *several* countries to visit, coz once i get that Dell, i can blog-on-the-go. (don't forget window shopping!)

Total = priceless. (if Nuffnang awarded it to me!)


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