Tuesday 5 January 2010

5-minute bento! featuring shirokuma-chan~ (white bear)

a couple night before, i was browsing for marshmallow fondant decoration ideas for cupcakes. somehow, bento photos got in the way and i was immediately distracted!

i browsed through many, many Flikr bento pools, and i was really inspired by everyone's creative bento sets!  oh, also tutorial pages like Blur Mommy's Kooky Culinary. the next thing you know, opportunity strikes.

i was early (finally) to carpool with my friend to campus, so i decided to make the best out of two items that inspired me most the night before:

there wasn't much time to make a fancy bento like most people who makes bento do, so i decided to try a 5-minute bento box!

all i needed to do:
  1. fry plain omelet (1 egg, beat well) on low heat (avoids browning eggs).
  2. lay cut out omelet to cover the bottom of tupperware.
  3. line seaweed around tupperware.
  4. slice omelet for narrow strips (bear ear) and an oval (bear nose and mouth).
  5. cut seaweed for ears, eyes, nose and mouth.
  6. scoop cooked rice into the prepared tupperware (of omelet and seaweed).
  7. arrange the cut omelet and seaweed to form a bear head.
  8. wait to cool, and you are ready to go!

i hope you can try it too! its such a simple fix for a simple bento for breakfast (for me)~


- said...

Oishi.!!..("3")..hope i can eat it..haha

あきこ said...

at least this way, i get to share the bento with everyone ne~ kuma-chan~ XD

nQw said...

WOW...the patience to garnish your food...*salute*...but there's no meat...(i need meat if not i will feel woozy for the entire day) LOL

It's been a while since we hang out...arrr

あきこ said...

nqw> i know coz i just noticed there is no meat! haha~ but it was only breakfast, so i dont mind not having meat.

hmm, come to think of it, i had nasi lemak for lunch, and then dinner at a delicious hotplate tofu restaurant.. i guess i did not have much meat that day! XD

anyway, it does not take much effort to decorate your meal, as long as you plan ahead (or you might sit in the kitchen 1hour before you get an idea). lol~

Deniece said...

awww... so cute!!! XD
tak sanggup makan it.. xp

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