Tuesday 5 January 2010

december food theme - cookies!

okay, it was not an official monthly rule from anywhere. i just thought that it would be a propriate to bake some cookies for the last christmas~

on the eve of christmas, i return home and the house was silent but i could smell hot charcoal from my neighbour's brand new red medium-sized barbeque pit. feeling alone without the presence of a good tv movie to watch, i saw a cookie-baking recipe book misplaced on the hall table. i quickly flipped through, and vowed to bake the simplest recipe i could find in the book!

i thought i would bake the gingerbread cookies (since i have girl and boy cookie cutters) but i don't have the ingredients. so this is plain sugar cookie with icing sugar decoration~

these are so simple i made a second batch so that i have enough to give away. i am now also out of all-purpose flour. XD

one batch makes no more than 20 medium-sized cookies. and overbaked cookies tastes slightly bitter! you have to be careful about the time used to bake your first batch - this will help you set a suitable time for the next trays going into the oven~

*lazy to post recipe unless requested*

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