Tuesday 5 January 2010

november food theme - cheesecake!

one day, zend sent me a photo of his double Oreo cheesecake. the next thing i know, i want to make one too!

i went online to find a good simple recipe which contains ingredients which are familiar to me, and i found it at Hugbear's Baking Mum blog. in fact, it was a non-bake Oreo cheesecake! how cool is that? *happy*
it took a while before i gathered the ingredients, with mummy sponsoring me, here are photos as results from my very own Oreo cheesecakes! yes, plural - coz i made a square one due to too much cheese filling. lol.

i hope you enjoyed the photos that i shared above! and thank you to motr, steph, kclee, clow, aster, mizuiro, daddy, mummy and her colleagues for taking a bite into my cake. *heart*

i hope to try more recipes from Hugbear's blog! =^__^=

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