Tuesday 5 January 2010

Happy new year 2010! -resolutions-

the new year seem to have arrived without doubt, continuing since the beginning of time, going on tirelessly and effortlessly.

thus, it is now time for some new year resolutions! let's get started~
  1. be on time! i'm almost always late for everything. late to wake up, late to get ready, late to go, late to start, late to finish up... this year i vow to be on time! (you might notice i did not mention "late to bed". haha~)
  2. save money! i know i spend a lot of money, so i have to save even more! i will do my best to save RM10 at the end of each week, consistently, so if i spend RM5000 a year (no matter equal, more or less spent), i should save at least RM500.
  3. no breaking the piggy bank for monies!
  4. more kitchen time! and i don't mean eating and cleaning the dishes! i want to learn more baking and bento-making because they are fun to make~ plus, they make me happy. =^__^=
  5. practice bass guitar regularly! recently i have joined a cosplay band who plans to make our first live performance in april this year. other than the dust, you clearly see why i must practice more so that i can learn to play better.
  6. earn my first RM100 cheque from Nuffnang. okay, i know its not my first cheque, but it would be my first RM100 cheque. i hope akikowolf.com will increase its value by RM20-50 each year from ad revenue~ that means i need to blog regularly!
  7. complete my past and present cosplays. i am in my third-fourth-ish cosplay year now and i believe i must have a dozen or more costumes by now. however, not all are completed 100%. so, that means no more new characters this year (or until i am done with the past costumes)!
  8. keep up my online shopping service. there is a super duper marginal profit from the online shopping service that i provide. i dont plan to make it big, but maybe i should make it less charitable and more business-like.
  9. *to be continued, if any*
so far, so good. there's no resolution that i broke until today yet (that is because i only plan for what i know i can achieve). i hope to keep it up until mid year before slacking off. (oh don't deny it that you know somebody is gonna break his/her resolutions in the same year!)

what about your resolutions that you think will make you a better person?

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