Monday 26 April 2010

Daiso scout shopping~

what the heck is scout shopping? shopping for other people. oh, i just made that up. there is no such term. but i do wish to be a paid shopper! give me your shopping list, pay me and get your hard-to-find things~

i have two items to feature from February (yes, i know i have not blogged for THAT long) stock in Daiso IOI mall:
mio akiyama pantsu bowl- er, i mean, blue-white striped porcelain kitchenware! this photo was taken when the stock was still new. if you go check out the real item now, you will probably see only half of the items you see in this photo left.

some people are obsessed with mio, eventhough it isnt all accurate. (coz these are swirls unlike mio stripe rice bowl.)

not suitable for all mio fans as you will be disappointed to find out that the bowls are sold out.

these colourful flower knit crochets (?) on the right are scouted for minori. these are all the four colours available from Daiso. hope you get to buy some for your knit-wares! the pink ones are cute~

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