Monday 26 April 2010

april food theme: rainbow muffins!

the moment i saw this extremely colourful cupcake photograph (which i did not know what was it called), i set it as my desktop wallpaper (which is now lost due to pc being reformatted), and wished for one day that i will learn how to bake it. and, one fateful day i was browsing cupcake-baking videos on youtube, i stumbled upon the rainbow cupcake recipe - oh, joy!

this time, i did not pick up a new recipe, instead i used the tinkerbell cupcakes recipe (also found on youtube) combined with instructions for rainbow cupcakes.

all i needed to do was:
  1. separate muffin batter into six parts.
  2. prepare the three basic colours (red, yellow, blue) in the form of food colouring.
  3. create six different rainbow-coloured batter (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).
  4. spoon layer by layer of batter into cupcake paper from purple up to red.
  5. bake!

it sure sounds simple, but it is tedious to spoon layer by layer of colours. if you are fortunate enough to have icing piping bags to spare (especially when you make a LARGE rainbow muffin batch), do use them as they will definitely save you lots of time.

my personal suggestion is, to prepare more red batter than purple batter as the top surface is wider than the bottom (which is where purple goes). also, purple is tricky to mix, so you could buy purple colouring to avoid frustrations or grey-coloured batter! for a final touch, i decorated my rainbow muffins with icing and sugar beads~

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O gosh so jummy =x

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