Monday 26 April 2010

home-made pancakes and banana bread pudding!

oh, no. i guess i am no god (nor good) at recipes from scratch. i googled for the most basic recipe for pancakes and this is what i achieved.

i waited nearly an eternity at the pan frying the pancakes on each side to get that smooth chocolatey brown, but it seems that i managed to achieve as much as prata or roti canai cousins.

actually, it could be because i did not use the exact measurements that was instructed. (i began halving the ingredients after i started mixing!) after all, i forgotten to halve the recipe for first-attempt recipes (something mummy advised me to do after the february cupcake failure).

just yesterday, i found out that if you make your pancakes thin enough, it is called crepe, and one thousand slices of fail crepes (if made by me, of course) could be made into mille crepes! haha~

fret not, mummy made 100% delicious banana bread pudding! i know i am not fond of eating bananas (i prefer almost all other fruits if available in the fridge) so it was a surprised that i loved the bread pudding!

i guess i cannot help it when bread is one of my favourite foods. XD

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