Monday 26 April 2010

march food theme: bento!

okay, actually i did not bake anything special this month so i decided to show the bentos i made last month up until first week of april. i used the blue double decker container i bought from Daiso~

apparently there is an art to making bentos. the simple rule is 4-3-2-1. that means 4 parts rice (carbohydrate), 3 parts protein (fish, tofu), 2 parts vegetables (vitamins and fibre?) and 1 part "treat" (dessert or something sweet or savory).

the first one here i prepared rolled egg omelet (decorated with animal theme picks) with rice and mixed veggies! after skipping out on making bento for a month, this was as far as my skill took me. haha~ as for the cute mini green bear container, it contained thousand island dressing that i poured over the mixed veggies.

it does no justice to the bento rule, but i dont have much time before i go to work (due to oversleeping). however, at least i still have rice (4 parts alright),  omelet for protein (almost 3 parts), veggies (nearly 2 parts) and dressing as treat (coz you should not have too much of cholesterol-inducing foods). my logic! XD

the second one has rice portion replaced by potatoes with mixed veggies again for a simple potato salad, and tempura chicken (just defrost and fry) served with choice of mayonnaise and thousand island dressing (in each yellow and green mini container).
i guess that is all for march~ sorry for not blogging through the entire month but i was just too busy hopping between places! there will be more updates i promise. =)

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