Thursday 18 February 2010

blueberry birthday cake & home-made pan mee! (and some pizza..)

terrasmark's birthday was in february, and his best buddies were all hyped up about celebrating his birthday (albeit coming up with one too many foiled plans, haha~). so i volunteered to bake terra a birthday cake.

each one of us had our own ideas of how to celebrate it, and honestly, last minute arrangements were never far from our plans!

i nearly failed to bake the cake as i found out there was no more flour in the kitchen on the day! OH NO! luckily i had time to go out, buy some secret ingredient (okay, one of them was a jar of blueberry jam) and bake the cake - just before the guys arrive, and off we went with terra.
motr took the chance to hose out as much whipping cream as possible from the spray bottle, after terrasmark blew the candles out.

before we surprised him with the blueberry cake (vanilla cake with blueberry filling, to be exact), we went to Cone Pizza for dinner (but we prefer their pasta more). they serve pizza in cone shapes!

not very appetizing in photos; sadly not too far from reality.
oh joy! the generous amount of cheese! we requested extra of course. haha~
oh, before i forget - home-made pan mee! (pan mee in my understanding is egg noodle in anchovy broth/soup.) after missing MelC's mom's pan mee, i got my share of pan mee for breakfast, specially made by mummy~
tambah telur satu! (that's me~)

daddy's birthday was in february too, but i baked a WHOLE BATCH of ugly hard tasteless cupcakes. something was wrong with the new recipe i was using that day. i was so sad for them (cupcakes) coz nobody ate more than a bite (other than me). i had wanted to spell out "happy birthday!" on the cupcakes (letter-by-letter).

no photos of fail cupcakes. T____T

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Pan Mee and blueberry cake!!! Yum~!

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