Thursday 18 February 2010

february food theme: CNY cookies and pretzels

here is something to share with everyone from my Chinese New Year (although february was two months ago!) bake out. =)

first up, traditional pineapple cookies! mummy and mizuiro made the upper design ("pineapple roll" style) and i made the lower design ("pineapple flower" style). they were among the fastest to disappear from the table during CNY!

after CNY week (before Hellsing group photoshoot in Heritage Hotel), i decided to try baking pretzel cookies as i was feeling slightly adventurous (not that baking is as exciting as riding a Harley.. haha~) after browsing through the cookie recipe book again.

one batch produced so many pretzels that i could dip one-third into melted chocolate (while majority had sugar sprinkles). it was prabably coz i dont make large pretzels (these are medium sized ones).

anyway, i am happy with the first pretzel batch i baked. ^____^

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