Saturday 23 January 2010

january manga supplies!

okay, i recently found a very low price (slightly cheaper than at Kinokuniya) of a japanese manga which has been out of print for many years now. so old that Kinokuniya cannot help me order it. eventhough it is CLAMP. star names just will not do these days.

Chobits vol.8 is in my hands! it was flown in all the way from Japan (SAL shipping took almost a fortnight to arrive) and the seller kindly used three anime stamps (and bubble wrap my book)! *sigh happily*

it has been a long while since i last washed and dried a stamp to add in my stamp collection book. i'll be sure to order more from this seller in the future coz i want to collect more Japan anime stamps!

one Hello Kitty heart stamp and two Detective Conan stamps~

not to forget, i also bought a couple of local comics from Gempak booth at a fair. all (normal price) RM6.50 books were selling for RM6 while RM7.50 ones were RM7. here is my loot - it came with a free paperbag with Kaoru's art on it!

Erti Kedewasaan (art by Mie Washio; Malay translation; not photographed) & Kaoru's Cake House (art by Kaoru).

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