Saturday 23 January 2010

january food theme - cupcakes & cake!

a fortnight ago, melc and i were baking some fairy cupcakes and a fairy cake at my place. the recipe is fairly simple (search "tinkerbell cupcake" in Youtube) and, so basic that you can modify the recipe to your liking as you experiment with time according to your preference.

but most of all, our mission was to learn how to decorate using marshmallow fondant~ it was one of those recipes i read up from Hugbear's Baking Mum blog. here are our results!

fairy cupcakes and cake~

we made yellow, orange, purple, blue and green colors with only three primary coloring of red, blue and yellow. pink was the color of our marshmallows used coz we could not find plain white marshmallows. in total, we have 6 lovely colors to work with!

at the end of the session, melc and i had one common conclusion: it really is tiresome to home-make your own marshmallow fondant! my advice: go buy ready-made fondant and just add colouring to decorate with. that is all you should do!

i hope our designs were alright, as this batch was shared with melc, motr, kilmenyanne and her family.


Gray said...

cupcakes reminds me of @delectableSU bakery in Mid Valley.

Gray said...

reminds me of @delectableSU cupcakes in her bakery, Mid Valley.

MeLC said...

I so agree with your conclusion. Baking the cupcakes and cake took like one third of the time to make marshmallow fondant. =.=

Merrinette said...

this is awesome!

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