Thursday 14 January 2010

hi mel! bye mel! (lots of photos after the jump!)

the past fortnight, MelC took her time off to return for a stay in malaysia - mostly, to makan i think (since she went home with so many Maggi mee packets).hahaha~

anyway, i hope you had lots of fun and took back good memories to the states until next time, MelC! i managed to take a few days to kidnap her away with friends to hang out in the fortnight that was.

the Gardens: one of the places we went!

Welcoming at KLIA
yazid and i decided last minute and went to KLIA, for he knows the way by car, and i'll save my ERL transit ticket fee! i thought we were late, as the China Airlines connecting flight from Taipei has already arrived when we reached KLIA at 1pm. i tried to look out for her parents but we could not recognise anyone and waited more than half an hour before i spotted melc exiting from the international arrival gate~

then yazid and i met melc's parents, tsingyie and daniel. it turned out that they arrived late, but just in time to greet melc as she exit the gates. XD later, we ate 'lunch' at Paparich at Kuchai Lama, after a deadly long detour to Seremban! (tsingyie, daniel and yazid were navigating me who was just driving according to instructions.)

New Year Eve Party at peiling's house
i was there with melc, sarah, yanleng, peiling and her family for a delicious stimboat welcome to the new year! we started with a big red pot, and due to technical problems, we ended with a white rice cooker to cook the soup. XD delicious with maggi nevertheless!

Random Day at The Gardens
since melc was free and motr and i decided to hang out at the gardens with her. i was there to drive someone. (honey, faster get your international license!) we met up for dinner after motr's work at mid valley.

 guess who so smart to point out where to look at on my camphone?

 my turn!

melc making funny faces!

 squeeze me, squeeze you, squeeze him!

you are a star of a friend! love you~

 we cannot have enough of stars in our life~

 the last photo melc and i took after a short visit to the Boulevard Hotel.

you could say it was our belated christmas, since half of our photos were posing with the christmas trees still standing in the Gardens. we had dinner in a Thai restaurant on the highest floor in the Gardens - sadly, quite a forgetable experience at the restaurant, except for melc's fried rice (yummy)!

melc's yummy belacan fried rice~ specially made with well done egg (instead of the menu sunny side up).

Goodbye at KLIA
once again, my second time sending melc off at the airport. only her parents and i were there as Saturday was a rather busy day for everyone. (okay, i should be studying for my exams on the 25 and 27 January, but i can spare one more day~) after her parents drop me off at the nearest LRT station, i went to shop for a dress to wear to my cousin's wedding dinner the next day.

p.s. melc dear, i want some photos from your camera too! ^__^


Gray said...

i spy an eventide shirt. does your friend work at comics mart?

MeLC said...

Thank you for the pics, memories, and Maggi! I'm already halfway done through the Maggi Chicken flavor. XD I'll post the pics from my camera in my next update.

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