Wednesday 30 June 2010

21st birthday yukata

ta-dah! i am officially 21 years old, legal to vote and all that. i should be older and wiser, but what if i still remain the same? well, i have to tell you, changes are not always visible... but i really am much older and wiser at 21 than when i was 12 years old!

together with my birthday, i would like to wish my fellow gemini (some are june cancer) family and friends happy (belated) birthday: mizuiro, kclee, reggie, james, adrian, melvin, zend, justina, jason, patrick... (i am pretty sure i accidentally included one person whose birthday is not in june.) now, not bad a list for Gemini the Twins right? haha~

warning: there are lot more photos after the jump!

i celebrated my birthday with a small dinner with my family and few friends at Cone Pizza in IOI Boulevard, and had a lovely chocolate coffee cake afterwards. then we went to watch The Prince of Persia movie while my family went home separately. wait, there's more!
hi-tea pancake and waffle drizzled with blueberry jam and melted chocolate - heaven!

you have to squeeze all your books neatly IN one tiny little square bag at the Scholastic Book Buffet but for all only RM49.90!

also, thanks to minori and kilmenyanne for the birthday treats! i had a girly chat over hi-tea with minori at one of the restaurants in the grand dorsett hotel (love the necklace present *hugs* too bad we could not try Miyako together), while kilmenyanne got me Ursula Le Guin's Catwings series from Scholastic Book Buffet. and of course, thanks to a few others who wished me a happy birthday over the phone. ^__^

long story short, my parents got me a wonderful birthday present for my 21st year: my first yukata! it was ordered from Rakuten (yes, Japan) and i received it on the last day of June (just in time to call it a month).

the yukata was a set including hanhaba obi (reversible), koshi himo, obiage, obijime, geta, kinchaku, corsage, and how-to-wear guide leaflet.

it was supposed to come with two pieces of accessories but they were not in sight when i received the parcel. but why should i be greedy for more when i already have 10 items from the supposedly 12-item set? XD

sadly, i cannot fit in the geta with navy sakura fabric. is there anyone who wants to buy it? you have to wear size 5-6 coz i wear size 6-7. naturally you have to have smaller feet than me to wear it, but it is recommended that your heel stick out a little at the back for best fit. (in my case, i cannot fit AT ALL.)

anyway, below here is my second attempt (first attempt was with yukata) to tie the hanhaba obi (mind you, its not one of those pre-tied ones coz i prefer the traditional touch). i loved learning to tie the female obi as much as i enjoyed learning how to tie the men's obi~ (thanks to kyon and xajin for ordering the obi through me, or i would not have gotten the chance to learn the men's obi tie.)

the front of the hanhaba obi, obijime and corsage (which can be clipped as hair accessory too)

the butterfly obi that i tied (yes, i tried it with a t-shirt on, haha~)

men's navy striped yukata obi~

if you are looking to buy a yukata set for yourself, head over to Mid Valley Jusco ground floor (4 July is the last day!) or Queensbay Jusco (in Penang until 18 July) as they are selling basic yukata set starting from RM129 to RM349. there are also various accessories to match your yukata starting from RM19 and above.

i plan to wear my yukata to Bon Odori with minori and sayoko. so, see you on 17 July!


k0k s3n w4i said...

cancer here! i always think yukatas look really good on girls... is it true that ur not suppose to wear anything underneath them? haha

zzanyy said...

Happy Birthday :D

あきこ said...

thanks zzanyy! ^__^

k0k s3n w4i> men's yukata looks good too, the dark colors make you look mature~

about the undergarment.. for kendo/aikido training, hakama top ("gi") must not be worn with shirt underneath. for summer, the yukata, you can wear a hadajuban (a plain layer) under your yukata.

btw, looks like your birthday is coming up? i hope you have a happy birthday!

Ken Wooi said...

a yukata is nice =)

- said...

maybe is late(actually is darm late),but i still wish you have a good birthday...if u ask me birthday present....i will time when we meet birthday is 4 day early than u(haha,call me onnii-tan)...but i pissed off due to the tired(2 days before it non stop rushing my design for badge that sell in confest without sleep,then die after i finnish,sleep hole day night during my birthday and no ppl celebrate with me TAT)..anyway, once again, otanjoubi ometteto!!!

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