Sunday 27 June 2010

Nuffnang cheques for my domain!

1 july update: Nuffnang tells me that the cheque is on the way!

congratulations to myself! haha~

my blog has earned RM124.50 since August 2008 from Nuffnang (minus RM2, as each withdrawal transaction costs RM1) until now. it doesn't matter that many other Nuffies earn fivefold compared to mine.

the first cheque was from my previous blogspot URL, while the second cheque is from my current domain URL. today is one month since i requested for my second cheque, which will be arriving in July.

this is my first Nuffnang cheque in 2009!

you might wonder, what might i spend the cheque on?

as the cheque was generated from my blog, i thought it was only appropriate to reward my blog by getting a domain name~ i never regretted when my domain went online for the first time on 17 August. initially, i vowed to keep an active blogging pace but consistency fluctuated and the best ranking i got on Alexa fell short to reach the top 1million sites (but very very close).

next month when i receive my second Nuffnang cheque, i'll be sure to spend it on renewal of domain. perhaps it might be good to renew for 2years, so that i can accumulate more earnings on Nuffnang before i need to withdraw for domain renewal payment. XD

what about savings? well, lets just say i dont even have to work hard to earn the advertisers money, so i might as well give it back to my blog. i have other serious business to garner savings from. hehe~

after a year blogging on my own domain name, it seems to have attracted some unusual statistics. namely, the value of domain. StatInternet claims it is worth $4440, DomainValue claims it is $4169, while AdminStool says it is only worth $3830. and i believe we are talking about USD currency. but probably the most realistic value is calculated by CubeStat at $1309.62 (RM4258).

what do you think? perhaps your Nuffnang earnings might just help you get that big break! (but i will not sell my domain, probably ever. its me after all.)


Ken Wooi said...

cool.. im still waiting for mine! =)

k0k s3n w4i said...

have not cashed out since i joined nuffnang in 2007... i was one of the earliest members :)

あきこ said...

kenwooi> it'll take a month to process, but it'll arrive quite soon since the long wait will catch you by surprise! XD

k0k s3n w4i> wow! i wonder how much have you accumulated until today? *counts*

Kenzo said...

Yeah! this is cool! ganbatte 4 u!

Bo the Nerd said...

Congrats! Keep it up.

あきこ said...

thanks, kenzo and bo! ♥

LITTY said...

The Cubestat was weird. my friend who has only daily visitors of 10 and this was what she got.

Website Worth: $273,750,000.00
Daily Pageviews: 125,000,000
Alexa Rank: 8


あきこ said...

jillian> its not weird.. when your friend's blog is hosted under Blogger (blogspot), you might get the wrong result coz is ranked #8 on Alexa site. s/he should try to key in the full URL of his/her blog..

kiki Solar Girl said...

COngratulation! FInally u get your secondn cheq. Me not yet withdraw my first cheq from nuffnang yet.

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