Sunday 6 June 2010

Pos Malaysia postage services and their differences

as a seller providing online shopping services (and selling some second-hand items), i have been using "pos express" and "pos laju" to reach my customers. since march 2010, i have been taking a break from providing online shopping services to concentrate on my final semester studies and also to refine my services.

now that i have returned to the usual business, i have heard of this e-parcel gaining popularity among other sellers who uses this postage method. however, there are also many people who are confused about what is the difference of e-parcel postage compared to other Pos Malaysia services (pos daftar, pos express, pos laju) whether you are a seller or buyer.
(click image for full view.)

thus i have decided to do a quick read around about what are these methods all about, and simplified my understanding in the table as you see above. so now, whether a seller or a buyer, i hope the table has helped you understand what method of postage is most suitable for you! you may share the table with people whom you feel would benefit from the information, but do NOT remove the credits to my blog!

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