Thursday 3 June 2010

past cosplay & ACG events of 2009 (part 2)

part one (january until may 2009) of the same post is found here.

time to clean up the cluttered events list! here are past events ranging from june until december 2009 in malaysia!

events that i have attended from the list above are:
  1. may 29 - june 7: MOVIE CARNIVAL - cosplay: none. like i said in part one, i had to work. i was just visiting the event booths during lunch break!
  2. june 27-28: ANIMANGAKI - cosplay: none. still working! i purposely passed by the venue so that i can congratulate ywsmokono for sucessfully organizing the event. animangaki turned out to be a huge success!
  3. july 11-12: DAICON - cosplay: Haruhi Suzumiya (bunny girl version and seifuku version) and Kyonko. for the first time, i made it to the cosplay competition as a finalist! even though i did not win any prizes, i had a fun skit with skypegasus for the finals pairing.
  4. nov 14-15: Anime Hanabi Festival 祭 - cosplay: Haruhi Suzumiya (long haired in seifuku version). i just went there for fun~
  5. dec 19-20: Comic Fiesta - cosplay: maid and CC (memory loss version). no particular fun thing to do at CF this time. went there to hang out, meet people, and mini CC photoshoot after the event closed.
i attended much less events in 2010 due to studies limitation. (i did graduate from diploma in the end~ yay!) nevertheless, more time for photoshoots~ *love*

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