Saturday 18 September 2010

it's sem break! day 17

lazy day!

there was not much done today, but tomorrow i will be helping mummy to make snowskin mooncakes for this week's mid-autumn festival. snowskin mooncakes are no-bake mooncakes which are simply chilled after removed from the mooncake mould. not only they are delicious, you can save a lot with home-made ones because confectioneries sell them quite expensive due to high demand.

later at night, i was blog hopping. i was reading several lolita blogs at one time including blogs by Caro-chan and Victoria Suzanne. suddenly, one of the articles made me realise something about Bodyline fabric/print. for the past couple months, i have been browsing many, many local fabric blogshops. one of the print from Bodyline in 2008 matched a print i found sold in the blogshops!

the Bodyline JSK+headdress and tote bag print in white.

identical pink fabric on sale from MayMay's blogshop at RM90 for 4meters!

so if a Bodyline print was released in 2008, and it became commercially available in 2010, does that mean other Bodyline fabric/prints will too? i must admit, i am starting to realise that this is not the first fabric i saw sold at fabric blogshops which coincide with Bodyline prints, which gives me even stronger hopes that i will be able to buy the fabric/print after two years. if they will, i am so investing in a good sewing machine! *wink*

the Bodyline cake print JSK in white.

identical cake print from MayMay's shop again!

the aforementioned are only two prints i am sharing here. there are more prints which i think may have been used by Bodyline in the past but i might not have the original stock photo to compare with. have you noticed any Bodyline print in other fabric stores available commercially?

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