Friday 17 September 2010

it's sem break! day 16

a date with the tailor!

today wgfai and i met up at noon to hunt for our costume materials in Chinatown (aka Petaling Street). our scheduled debut will be with a dozen other group members at Comic Fiesta 2010 (CF10) on Day 1 (18 sept). hopefully, our entire team will make it as planning has been going on for a quarter year since i joined.

initially i wanted to cosplay maylene/meirin because i love maid characters. it was only later that xajin approached me with a proposal to join his Kuroshitsuji team for CF10 as ranmao. i could not resist to take her position because i do love her sexy dress mini cheongsam. again, it was a debate between character personality (maylene/meirin) and character design (ranmao). something i am accustomed to already, so deciding was not too difficult.

right now on ranmao's to-do list, i need to:
  • paint the butterfly print (after the tailor finished sewing)
  • style her wig
  • make her hair corsage
  • find a black corset
  • build weapon props
  • attach bells to anklet and spray gold
  • find black ballerina flats or chinese fabric shoes

wgfai will simply have to find a nice blue sash (a long scarf will do) to complete lau's costume. no fair! but he did have to fork out for more fabric since his costume is really long. however, the amount of cloth i picked was just enough to sew everything together; so exact that the tailor complained (again) that i had better provide her more cloth next time, just in case! (well, it was not her fault; i always buy just enough cloth.)

so that will be 25% completed for CF day1! as for CF day2 costume, i have been stuck at 25% for a very long time now. hopefully this year i will be able to debut on time~ wish me luck! *scribbles ganbatte everywhere*

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