Thursday 9 September 2010

it's sem break! day 8

it's meet-high-school-friends day! well, it only involved mine and nquowei's own cliques, but there could have been others who happen to be doing the same thing today. might you have planned the same too?

in the morning, i was at the post office to send several parcels at the post office. then kilmenyanne drove us to minori's place to fetch her, as we were carpooling to IOI mall. we met up with tharani, and then contemplated which movies to watch in replacement of the cancelled Expendables 12noon slot. we decided to skip it and went straight to the next agenda on today's to-do list: lunch!

first choice was Papa John's but it happened to be unusually full at lunch time for the last day of fasting, so we walked into Seoul Garden next door. the bbq-steamboat buffet offered student price (after tax) RM25.xx per person (the receipt was RM100.xx for four pax). boy, did we eat the buffet money's worth! a delish selection of meats (no pork) marinated in various sauce and spice, wide variety of side dishes, colourful dessert (ice cream or shaved ice with choice of your own toppings), some fruits, and free-flow hot and cold drinks!

we started with a very clean grill plate (and the end result was a very hard to clean grill plate)!

the view (a quarter) of the buffet spread, with rice/noodle, dipping sauce and cold side dish closest to our table~

start by filling up your plate (these are the seafood stuff)...

...and cook! we chose tom yam soup for the steamboat broth.

some items were misses (beef), but most (chicken and fish) were hits that we kept refilling! nothing went to waste as we ate every piece off our plates. self-sevice drinks available were hot teas and coffees, as well as cold teas and carbonated drinks. there are SO many ways to cook your food there, and i just want to go back there again to cook up new stuff! (garlic fish yakisoba with egg, anyone? yes, first time i find eggs at a bqq-steamboat place!) i just thought of this: pouring the shaved ice into a glass and fill it up with honey green tea = honey green tea slushie! hahaha~

tharani behind the camera and all photos in the restaurant! (except the first pic was from my phone camera.)

we know we took our sweet time to eat (probably like forever to the waiters) because we were the second last to leave among the lunch hour customers! i think i am converted: Seoul Place is a good place to sit, eat, and chat with friends for hours! sure, the waiters gave us weird looks wondering if these four girls came with bottomless stomachs or have they gone on an anorexic diet for a year and decided to eat again, but kilmenyanne was happy to watch the good-looking waiters pass by, minori and i were whispering about how the waiters were acting around our table, while tharani kept her plate full. XD

Daiso loot, embroidery badge with "A" initial, and J.Co half dozen box! (this one is my camera at work for the second time of the day~)

 love~ love~ love!

moving on, we had no other plans to replace a good movie, so we went into girl mode for the next agenda: shopping! i bought bento stuff from Daiso, tharani got herself a book, minori got herself a guitar pick, and kilmenyanne bought J.Co donuts for her brother (the three of us bought one donut each too). window shopping was a good way to walk off the glorious lunch buffet, while being functional. i had not done 'physical' window shopping for a while now (mostly online 'window' shopping) so perhaps i might have acted like an excitable alien.

before we left, a whole host of camwhoring session ensued:

while we were walking...

while riding the escalator...

while on a flight of stairs in the middle of the mall...

and when we pass by the carousel!

it was a fun outing! thanks, kilmenyanne, minori, and tharani~ *hugs*

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nQw said...

Your outing was so much funner than mine!!! I bet it was fun all the way!

Mine was terrible horrible and miserable!!!

Please please bring me to Seoul Garden one day!

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