Monday 6 September 2010

it's sem break! day 5

expectations! for those who are in the same college as i am, the gruelling exam weeks are over, and some of us are (some are not) looking forward to the exam results. what can i say about my exam? i have four subjects this semester, and i will optimistically say i can pass three of them. the first one i am pretty sure i flunked it (the momentum to study had not started yet when i was supposed to be studying).

moving on to more delightful expectations, i am waiting for a ton of parcels to come in and twice as much to send out to others in september. rough calculations came up with 3-4 shipments from DHL, 1 USPS, 1 china post, and several local ones. i will be receiving parcels from japan, america, china, and of course malaysia itself (hopefully one from singapore too). at least half of these do not belong to me, but the things that i actually bought for myself are at least half the original price. *wink*

first off, Bodyline. (i know! you guys must be really sick and tired of listening to me mentioning Bodyline like when i was so actively checking out Daiso earlier this year.) i ordered a grey furry beret to go with my clothes this year (monochrome white, grey and black theme), a pair of knee socks to go with both my JSK (i tcan match with anything that has a hint of red and black too), and a pair of lace up black boots for an upcoming costume (also, i was dying for a shorter pair than my brown knee boots).

second, two underskirts. one is a poofy black pannier / petticoat / skirt, which will be coming in from the states. it was expensive on its own, but for the volume it is definitely value for money. i was informed that it is actually a professional ballet tutu but - gosh, i never knew ballerinas wear so much volume in a tutu! the other one was the auction that i mentioned recently, bought from ebay. it is a hoopskirt which should give me a medium volume under one of my costumes, as i dont expect much from a cheap one (well, relatively cheap to similar 3-hoop ones) from china.

third, a kabajillion more wigs coming in. there will be two wigs for sawako sensei and one for haruko kamio. i also have a few other wigs to buy, but i must sell off my current wig possessions to earn some money to afford new wigs. i need a new wig for haruhi suzumiya, jill valentine and CC. one of my group projects got delayed until next year, so i won't be getting a red ponytail wig soon, but it got replaced by ranmao which requires me to wear a lot of braid extensions.

fourth, costumes. i am not really into getting my costumes tailored anymore, but as a ritual, i always return to my first tailor to get one costume done each year, so that each one represent the number of years i have been cosplaying. most of the others will be sewn on my own. characters in the line up are:
  • CC - two versions (super delayed photoshoot)
  • haruko kamio - home singlet and jeans version (photoshoot debut)
  • jill valentine - RE3 STARS version (photoshoot debut)
  • sawako sensei - two version (animangaki debut)
  • ranmao - default version (CF day1 debut)
  • secret character A - grand prix version (CF day2 debut)
  • nirvana - default version (2011 debut)
  • haruhi suzumiya - middle school version (pending)
  • secret character B - default version (plan to cancel so i dont have to buy a red ponytail wig)

well, that's all for my shipment expectations. might you be expecting something something this month too? did i make september sound like my birthday or christmas? XD

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