Sunday 5 September 2010

it's sem break! day 4

i turned the clock backwards! nah, i just changed the time by two hours back for this post because i fell asleep after dinner and then woke up at 1am because i remembered to blog first. haha~ so today's post will be in reverse chronological order (so i can start with juicy stuff first, instead of the boring morning).

finally, here are the carousel print and removable bow!

before dinner, i was out to berjaya times square to pick up my Carousel JSK from my courier. STOP YOUR THOUGHTS THERE. no, i absolutely, definitely, 100%ly, do not buy Bodyline stuff from ISOCKS. (when i first went to ISOCKS, the only item that i fell in love with was a Bodyline bunny maid set RM350 or so, but if i order direct from Bodyline it will be just over RM100.) it was just a coincidence i was there to collect my stuff in the evening. i did not even get a chance to walk into their shops when i left BTS.

the shirring back and bow ribbon.

anyway, i love my new jumperskirt. more especially now that it is sold out in both the international and japanese Bodyline sites, in black. but more importantly, it is because i love the print, and it was expensive. i am so glad it wasn't another beautiful print that uses polka dots. i feel allergic to polka dots, and even recently i am starting to accept polka dots as friendly things but i will not openly wear any thing with polka dots (only because i have polka dots on my 2009 Bodyline JSK).

it will require a ton of ironing due to being squished in its travel from Japan to KL to me. there will be no need to review it, except to say it is lovely. you do remember how excited i was when i ordered it a couple weeks ago? that translated into love for this print. and somehow that love generated the money to buy it. (no, actually i begged and stole from my savings) so now, i have one 2009 print and one 2010 print JSK from Bodyline. i cannot understand why few would buy this print:

this JSK has lots of removable parts, includes the back bow and front ribbon pearls.

prior to that, i spent the whole morning until afternoon arranging Bodyline orders for the 50% sale. the second group orders have been submitted, while the third/final group will be submitted when the bank clears interbank fund transfers to me. thank you so much to all who have been patient with me during the sale orders because sometimes i might drag the conversation late into the  night or am not able to reply within a couple hours.

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