Saturday 4 September 2010

it's sem break! day 3

i made it! yayness for my continuous blogging. haha~ i realised i have so much time in this semester break. as usual, the more free time, the more busy i get. not in a socialite schedule kind of busy, but other things. oh, you know. XD

last night i did not sleep at all. i was waiting until midnight for people to make payment, but in the end there was no payment coming in. so i end up sitting online throughout the night while browsing ebay. then i stumbled upon a really cheap auction for something i need for a future costume. i was looking for a really cheap one because i will not be using it frequently. plus, the other parts of the costume already cost me a bomb. everything  else will be on a tight budget.

come 7am, i still had not have any sleep, yet i went out with kilmenyanne to college. luckily i managed to squeeze in a quick shower (bad idea because i would not be able to sleep in college later). at the LRT station, i opt for the RM10 one-day EZpass that RapidKL offered. however, the staff who updated my TnG card screwed up, SLOWLY processed the problem, and gave me a small grey paper as my one-day pass. never mind that because it allowed me to walk past the special gates, avoiding all queues. yay for one day.

i slept on the LRT (i don't know how i leaned on the left to sleep, but woke up with my beret fallen on my right!) but i could not sleep in the arctic college library while i waited for kilmenyanne's exams to finish at 11am. then dany joined the both of us to KLCC for the Popular Book Fest.

thanks to Moon (?) who offered us a ride to the nearest LRT station to college, she spared me the need to sleepwalk to the station. when we reached the convention center, i was thinking "oops!" because i had forgotten that there will be an entrance fee of RM2 for one day. there weren't any children's books within my budget, nor were there any stationeries i wanted. so i paid for two food books at the price of RM29.44 and quickly left Hall 4-5.

hunger struck us, that's why. i only packed some biscuits for breakfast on the way to college (mostly eaten in the LRT or waiting on the platform) and a bottle of water. by 2.30pm, we were eating curly fries at A&W. i bought the purrfect burger again because it comes with a cute grey kitten standing on my burger box. you should try one! the grey kitten will give you RM1 off the next purrfect burger purchase. i like it because i always liked fish fillet burgers (whether McD or A&W). XD

after a long chat over the meal, we decided to skip the trip to Kinokuniya because we were all tired and sleepy. both of them had little sleep due to late night studying, while i was awake all night for... ebay bidding. (i won as first bidder though! i always do. if i am a second or later bidder i cannot win it.)

on the way back on the LRT, i made a stop at Chinatown as planned, while kilmenyanne waited for me at the station platform. i made a quick purchase of black and red spools of thread and a pack of black snaps.

what did i do when i reached home? drop on the bed and slept beside Potatoes, one of my new books. i woke up waaay past dinner time, yet i went online to answer questions and calculated quotations for the online orders first. i started to feel hungry only after midnight which is this minute now while i am typing this last sentence so icanuploadsomephotosandpublishandgoeatmysupper.

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