Friday 3 September 2010

it's sem break! day 2

it is embarassing to admit, but i honestly did not manage to do any sewing projects today. i was occupied online. very occupied. *serious face* *ter-laugh*

due to unstable server issues over at Bodyline's international site, they have announced an extension for the 50% off sale. there were a few latecomers who were interested to place an order for the sale period, so i arranged a second sale group order for them. (yay~ achieved productivity by one point here: customer service.)

somewhere in mid-day, i was bored and because i can, i went over to my domain DNS to mess around and *POOF* i have a new subdomain. you can view the new blog here: (it looks pretty but it's empty). i do not have an official purpose for it; i just wanted to made sure i had something productive done - learning to mess with DNS settings. (half point for effort here. haha~)

there was not much 'window shopping' done today (usually i spend a few hours each day!) as i was napping for much of the evening. i ate a really late lunch at 3pm because my gums were swollen and i could care less to irratate it when i chew food. when i was done with lunch, it was already 4pm and i was supposed to make an inquiry at the post office because one of my e-parcel to Australia cannot be tracked. did i tell you i was napping in the evening?

i went straight to bed after lunch and woke up much later after the post office closing hour. luckily, i received an email informing that the Australia recipient has received the parcel. it did take two weeks to delivery as the post officer adviced, but two weeks after last checkpoint in Malaysia. i learnt something about overseas postage! (half point for learning, but deduct half point for napping!)

also, i received a message from my courier that i will not be able to collect the Bodyline Carousel JSK tomorrow. so i was informed to collect it on sunday. onoes. who goes into the city on a sunday? i should be at home and sewing!

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