Thursday 2 September 2010

it's sem break! day 1

before i proceed with today, i want to make a vow - a vow to blog everyday about what i will be doing in this semester break! i want to be productive! wish me luck. XD

now, allow me to write start with yesterday. after the final morning exam, i went to Chinatown, also known as Petaling Street, to shop for materials for upcoming sewing projects! i brought just below RM50 that day, so after lunch and LRT ticket fares were deducted, i had enough to buy red cloth, black cloth, and some smaller stuff. but, i ran out of money to buy red thread (no more in the sewing room)! that means i will be able to sew the black cloth for now and going to KL to buy more thread.

red cotton, black cotton, D-rings, red gem button, elastic thread (i was winding it up with some pearl beads bought much earlier).

so, today i was supposed to be sewing the black cloth, right? well, something came up and i spent the entire day to settle shopping business first. Bodyline is having a 50% off sale! thanks to at least 450 visitors swamping the site at any given time for the past two days, it takes 5-10 minutes to load one page - outrageous! then, they announced that there will be an extension for the sale due to the unstable server issue. but that is up to your luck since there is no deadline set.

i resisted temptation to speed up my next Bodyline item because i have a brand-new-wanted-it-so-badly Carousel JSK! but at a price. i sneakily bought it from Rakuten Japan because the one in black and M-size was in stock there, and i was not a fool to lose the second chance to wait for it to restock in the international site again. it is with my courier currently, so i will be receiving it only by saturday~ photos on hold until then! *wink*

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