Friday 27 August 2010

the bizarrest of events

two nights ago i was climbing up the stairs to the first floor and it faces a window directly. that night, there was a surprisingly bright source of light from the sky outside. i walked up to the window, looked out of the window, and i thought the sun had replaced the moon - for the moon was as bright, as white and as round as ever!

the next night, or yesternight, i peeked out of the window again and i saw that the moon was a quarter percent less bright, a quarter percent more yellow, and a little less than a perfect circle. little did i know, i hope now, it could have been lady luck shining on me!

(warning: seriously long stretch of text.)

the exam part 

last night, honestly, i did not study a single page and just went straight to bed. when i woke up for the morning exam today, i thought i could study with whatever remaining time left, but when i arrived at college and checked the exam schedule, i had been wrong about the subject for today's exam. i have with me the wrong set of notes.

i had no choice but to flip through whatever scribbles i might have with me in my little daily planner. obviously there was nothing helpful (as i had been a good student *ahem* by writing all the yummy goodness of notes where notes are supposed to be). luckily i bumped into an angel who happen to have the notes (obviously the angel was a coursemate of mine) and we shared notes for the remaining one hour prior to exam.

total study time: 50minutes (exactly before exam).
total exam time: 1hour 50minutes.

not the most advisable study tactic, but guess how i fared? i performed much better in this exam than the one earlier the first on this week (albeit it will not be a distinction grade). the third and fourth paper will be next monday and wednesday (yay! i will be free almost the entire september), so let's pray i do not mess things up again. i think i used up all my luck for the remainder of the year.

the music tv part

once i got home from college, finished my lunch, and sent mummy off (well, just at the doorstep before she goes off to the airport), i plopped myself in front of the television (yes, the physical 32" electronic ware) and tuned to channel. i thought i would stop after a song or two, but i followed the programme until the end since a quarter past one.

Best of British was one of my favourite music programmes from that channel, so i decided to blog while i listened (on mummy's laptop), but i ended up liking today's playlist (which could have been repeated all of this week but i do not know that), so i decided to blog about the playlist here~

Cry Me Out by Pixie Lott
won't hurt a little bit
boy, better get used to it
you can keep talkin'
but baby, i'm walking away

you'll have to cry me out
you'll have to cry me out
the tears that will fall mean nothing at all
it's time to get over yourself

Outta Here by Esmee Denters
get me outta here
'cause my eyes are burning from these silly tears
that you brought when you show me you don't really care
and you never loved me, someone get me outta this place

i thought that we were forever
i guess i misunderstood
my fault for thinking you loved me
or even thinking you ever could

22 by Lily Allen
she's got an alright job but it's not a career
whenever she thinks about it, it brings her to tears
'cause all she wants is a boyfriend, she gets one night stands
she's thinking how did i get here, i'm doing all that i can

it's sad but it's true how society says her life is already over
there's nothing to do and there's nothing to say
'til the man of her dreams comes along
picks her up and puts her over her shoulder
it seems so unlikely in this day and age

About A Girl by Sugababes
girls bring the fun of life
sugar like apple pie
take a trip to paradise
let's have a party, y'all!
beauty like you never saw
take you number, never call
bite the apple, take you heart
let's have a party y'all!
you don't know about a girl,
i'll take over the world, and i'm gonna party like oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!
you don't know about a girl,
the meaning of the word,
'cos we just wanna party like oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!

Breathe Slow by Alesha Dixon
i love you too much, it shows
all my emotions go out of control
good for you, bad for me
when i can hardly see from the tears that flow

can't forget to breathe slow
count from one to ten with my eyes closed
'cause ladies take it in and get composure
before i lose it get composure

Run by Leona Lewis
to think i might not see those eyes
makes it so hard not to cry
and as we say our long goodbyes
i nearly do

light up, light up
as if you have a choice
even if you cannot hear my voice
i'll be right beside you, dear

Miami by Foals
now black light sets on my short day
oh, you betrayed me, you gave it away
you don't mind picking up salt
to rub into my wounds

would you be there
be there, be there for me?
would you betray me
or save me, save me from you?

Half In Love With Elizabeth by Mystery Jets
the bubble will burst x12

and he's half in love with Elizabeth
and he's half in love with you

Brianstorm by Arctic Monkeys
brian, top marks for not tryin'
so kind of you to bless us
with your effortlessness
we're grateful and so strangely comforted

some want to kiss, some want to kick you
there's not a net you couldn't slip through
or at least that's the impression i get
cause you're smooth and you're wet
and she's not aware yet, but she's yours
i doubt it's your style
not to get what you set out to acquire
the eyes are on fire
you are the unforecasted storm

most of the songs when i listened at the beginning were break-up song worthy, and towards the end was all *scratch head* crazy? haha~ well, if you need a playlist of British break-up worthy songs, do add some of these tracks. ^____^

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- said...

Extremely shine moon?not sure..I just busy doing artwork and assignment..but it is more better for me if it is extremely shining star..then I can sing~~Black Rock Shooter~~~~alr

Between ur airhead action is quite funny and moe(for me lal)..nowaday I also use a lesser time for the exam preparation compare to previous time. Sometime even cant study due to the DA,pixiv or other website..

About the track playlist...It is strange for me..maybe I just familiar with japanese song or anisong only..(so lame and wierd guy)

Between,that day asaban also like seldom talk to u..Maybe we both are still stange...or I am shy or busy there..(WTF..shy?haha)

Anyway,have a good day and enjoy

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