Friday 22 October 2010

all that is well, ends well

this week had been unpredictable, i think. there weren't many events that happened, but those little moments were the ones that matters and left a big impression on me. perhaps it was because of the absence of english language classes this week? ^__^;;;

let's talk a little about food today! i am starving for supper~ plus, it has been half a years since i last wrote  my monthly food theme.

this month, i made these (suspicious & questionable) yummies:

easter pie: i forgot to put extra cheese for the filling! it turned out dry but maybe because i modified the filling to what i wanted to eat..
apple pie: i thought it was only a caution on the recipe, but there really were lots of overflowing apple juice! i know, weird crust (it stuck to the tray).
chocolate cookies: these are my favourite type of bake - simple and neat to eat!
from left: i made hot green tea (bought from Daiso) while dad made lipton tea.
have a happy weekend~

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MedicOnTheRun said...

i wonder if i contribute to the happy weekness...
soon u'd have something better to have tea in when u come to my shop :)

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