Thursday 7 October 2010

new semester fatigue

this has been a rather strange week, but i think i can explain why.. of late, i have been feeling sleepy easily and hungry soon after each meal too!

usually i can stay up really late into the night, way past 12midnight, but last night i could only stay until ten past midnight and i really could not keep my eyes open any longer. most likely because i sleep all the way into the afternoon during semester break last month, and now i have to re-adjust to the morning timetable. also, i get sleepy after lunch break hour, but that was probably because food+heat=sleep.

oh, the hunger issue is more serious. you could say i am eating half times more than my usual portion for each meal, so far this week. not only that, i also snack in between meals and get hungry not long after the previous meal. =__=;;; AND i don't feel full no matter how much i eat (i know there is a real disorder for this but i am sure i am not affected) until i burp (which then i can feel some food going half way up my throat) which tells me STOP, YOU ARE BLOATED. i think it's the hormones due to 'time of the month', but one fellow Gemini did experience similar hunger level (but not as serious i think) so i was thinking maybe some stars and planets position is causing Geminis to overeat this week. well, i hope it is only for this week.

or else i might grow into a large mushroom - but people will tell me, "hey, you're not that much now, won't hurt to eat a little more to lose that stick figure." well, excuse me but i do not want to lose or gain any weight! i am happy with what i already have for years.

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