Tuesday 5 October 2010

new semester, new outfits

i want some new clothes, please!

a cute fluffy top, don't you think?
mostly my choices are dresses (and long-sleeved, because lecture halls are freezing cold even when Malaysia weather can be scorching hot), partly because i don't want to wear jeans anymore (except on days when leggings are not advisable). for wearing dresses, i had been mistaken once or twice by my coursemates for lolita. maybe they were meaning ita - sore eye fashion (to them). and sometimes, students who walk past me will sneak a giggle saying "auntie" to their friends, or try to snap a photo to make fun of this weirdo on FB. even a couple of my own relatives teased me for Lady Gaga likeliness - that i don't mind since i love her to bits, but am quite insulted since i don't see any resemblance in the first place.

all i did was wear dresses (sometimes skirt+blouse) with leggings (see? covering skin), mary janes or boots (prcatical for walking and rainy days), and a beret (because it protects my hair is cute); none of which are against the college dress code. nothing truly lolita; nothing erotic or sexy or revealing; and absolutely nothing ita. who are you to judge me? even if you are twice as senior as Twiggy, i will still wear my choice of clothes because it makes me comfortable. if you thought wearing alternative fashion daily was difficult, think again. even normal fashion sense in a no-nonsense environment will reward you with stares.

sneer and jeer all you want, but i still want these!


you might have noticed my picks are in grey and black-white coordinates~ i want to add more grey to my wardrobe because grey is my color for 2010. ^____^ initially my picks were grey-pink-white, but i screwed up with pink, so i decided to play safe without it.

what is/was your color for this season/year?

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