Thursday 25 November 2010

Bodyline and me~

it is that time again - time for shopping! i needed a few items to complete my costumes for Comic Fiesta 2010, so i thought, where else better to get them than Bodyline? XD

here are the contents of the DHL box from Bodyline. they were all in Japan just 48 hours ago! these are orders from the November Bodyline GO (group order).

caution: camwhoring ahead!

first item, my new gigantic flower hair clip!

second item, my first corset!

as you can see, the corset is easily tightened to the minimum (OR my waist is small).

here a close-up of the black rose lace details! *love*

i'm so sorry for wearing a black top with the black corset (in case you wanted to see more details on the corset). i quickly tried on the corset right after i got home in the evening. >__<

the third and final item i ordered was a pair of white lace gloves. this one is for that secret CF Day2 costume i was talking about. hehehe~

now that pleasure is done, its time to work - packing the items individually to post them out tomorrow evening.

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