Thursday 25 November 2010

Strawberry Cake

i made a strawberry cake for a birthday celebration last weekend. XD mind you, i wanted to try strawberry-flavoured Adabi cucur at first, but the recipe at the back of the flour packet has instructions for muffins, so instead of deep fry (too oily), i chose to bake (my specialty)! if not for cucur flour, i would have made the cake from scratch since i rarely use ready mix. *show off*

wait, you don't believe there is such thing as strawberry-flavoured cucur flour from Adabi? well,  i had to look twice at the supermarket shelf at first too. have a look at the following photos!

the ingredients i used were Adabi strawberry flavoured flour, butter, egg, water, and sugar. for this cake, i used a rectangle tray to bake.

the instructions were simple and easy - combine, mix and bake! there were not many tools required for this process. in fact, i used an upside-down tupperware as a makeshift cake tray and cake box. haha~

after baking for 20 minutes, i cut the cake in half to get two squares, iced the centre with icing and strawberry, and piped on the pink icing. the icing? oh, i made that on my own. what a sin.

then finally, ta-dah! a pretty-in-pink strawberry cake fit for a strawberry lover. i would definitely try this recipe again. ♥♥♥


zaiy said...

can you put up the recipe, pretty please?
i would love to try :)

あきこ said...

@zaiy i am glad to know you are interested in baking too~ unfortunately, the Adabi recipe is a pre-mix, so you have to buy the Adabi packet to bake the same cake. >____<

Unknown said...

it's unfortunate that those cucur mix is unavailable for a long time,i guess they stoped making it. i used to love those

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