Monday 1 November 2010

Animangaki 2010 - photostory

i shall keep text to a minimum and leave more space to share my photos from Animangaki!

i met up with the K-ON members in the changing room, fixed some wigs and makeup, and we were off to the hall. by noon, the hall was already super crowded but due to the size of the venue, we were still able to move in a group without losing each other or bumping/knocking/stepping/breaking into someone/armour/weapon/gown/wings.

after touring the doujin booths and hanging around to watch the stage activities, we had our lunch picnic in the female cosplayer's room, went to Hibiki Tokai Productions studio room for a photoshoot, and also laughed ourselves silly with an unguided tour in the Haunted House attraction. as the event continues, i stayed to watch cosplay performances while some have left. i also played WS at Little Akiba booth before i left for home.

sorry for the tl;dr text - i promise there will be only photos ahead!

Sawako-sensei guides the K-ON club trip to Animangaki!

my fellow students and honourary club members~
figurines and toys display area
half of the entire doujin booths in the event hall - so crowded!

emcees of the day - HisashiGlay & Dante!

lots of band performances at the end of the day!
the end? no, wait, there is still the next year - see you at Animangaki 2011!


Anonymous said...

You were there?

ShinKaiZen said...

yay! this one will link from our website! ;D

1 said...

I saw you there! You looked familiar but I couldn't recall. Gomen, gomen. I kept turning to look at the back while queing for the haunted house. Did you see me? I had bat ears on my head.

Jane Ng said...

haha, Azunyan OOC :3

*(: Sachiko

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