Tuesday 7 December 2010

delicious omurice 「おいしい・オムライス」

good afternoon, my master, and my lady.

お元気で すか?
how are you?

today i made omurice.

would you like to eat?

i hope you will enjoy it.

thank you very much!
note: i was waiting for my phone to recharge after i made the omurice because there was no battery to use the phone camera. so the tomato sauce and chilli sauce started to bleed off the omelet by the time i was ready to take photos. sorry for the sloppy pictures!

a short side story about the omurice i made today:

sometime last month, i was in IKEA to find one of those cheap 85sen cup to get free parking upon exit. however, i could not find any! onoes. i asked my friend, what should i do?

my friend wanted a small frying pan, so we picked up the cheapest one (RM12.90) which was quite a decent size compared to the tiny pan i have at home. yay, free parking~ after the purchase, we tried the pan on the induction stove - oops, it does not work!

before someone tells me RTFM, i quickly read through the manual book (yes, IKEA pans have manuals). i found out that it was not suitable for induction stoves afterall. so i said i will keep the pan instead, since i needed a larger (than tiny) pan to make proper-sized omelets in the future. plus i have gas stove at home which works with the pan.

after a couple weeks, (even mummy already used the pan) i finally found a day to cook. not that omelets are any trouble. today was a chance, when there was only one dish, rice and soup. omelet makes the perfect compliment.

the next issue that arose was, hey, i don't have any squeeze bottle for the sauces! at least, i found one last packet of chilli sauce (the kinds you get from fast food restaurants or pizza takeaway delivery) and drew the bunny one. as you can guess, i simply dashed tomato sauce over the other omurice, straight from the bottle.

finally, i added some thousand island sauce (instead of mayonnaise) because it was the only sauce that was in a squeeze bottle i have at home. the result? delicious.


Cryorazor said...

poor rabbit...getting all squished with the juice flowing out xD

Terrasmark said...

Hmm, no photos of food being devoured in the process & the aftermath? Wonders if U thought it was too "guro" to be published...

オム・ライス... Pretty sure your goshujin-sama went "オッム ノム ノム ノム...." :P

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