Wednesday 8 December 2010

cute usamimi 「かわいい・うさみみ」

today, i got my first usamimi~ i ordered it from Bodyline last week because it was recently restocked in black color (previously the black and pink were sold out, and i don't really want the blue one). it was so cute and i love it! in fact, i love it so much i am wearing it as i am blogging now.

i spared you from the exposure to a short camwhoring session after this jumpline, but if you wish to see more pictures, feel free to continue to the link below~

before: a mop of messy hair!
after: belinda chee! no lah, just kidding.
variation: pulled back my long fringe for a neater look~
variation: twisted the usamimi into a bow~
usamimi is a wired headband which is wrapped around the head and twist the top part to get that "bunny ear" affect as the name usagi (bunny) and mimi (ear) implied.

how do you wear your usamimi?


herman said...

macam tsukasa

Terrasmark said...

Had always thought the crescent hairband a la usamimi Haruhi & Mikuru was the only way to kemonomimi. Seems that I was mistaken.

But of course, no kemonomimi is complete without the 尾....

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