Friday 10 December 2010

Ranmao again? getting close!

so far, my progress looks to be delayed here and there (due to assignments fighting for my precious limited time), but i think my Ranmao costume will be completed before Comic Fiesta! my next update here is about the bell anklet which is worn on her legs.

i don't know if they are meant to be bell-look-alikes or real live ringing bells, but i decided to be cheeky and went with real bells. in fact, i got the bells in medium size (instead of small) because Daiso sells them on a handheld tambourine-thing. of course, as you can see, i have ripped all 10 pieces of bells from the toy/instrument, leaving a pink plastic thing.

here is how it looks like before the bell sacrifice!
and the bells, they sure can ring! so if you are looking for me in CF2010, ask around for the girl in china dress, or listen out for my anklet bells. *wink*

what i have to do next on Ranmao's to-do list are:
  1. attach a blue tassel to the headpiece (XL flower);
  2. wig-styling;
  3. sew on the butterfly pattern on the dress!

wish me luck! lots of it too... ;__;

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herman said...

looking forward to see the final thing on CF ^^

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