Friday 17 December 2010

Ranmao dash to the lash!

okay, i know the title does not make sense now, but let me explain. this post is about the making of Ranmao's accessories and wig styling, and a piece of prop for the CF cosplay group competition tomorrow.. and to confess, today i skipped classes. (yeah, i did it for CF.) *slapped*

because the prettiest item is the photo of Ranmao's hairclip, i shall start with that. as you can see, i simply attached a blue 'tassel' piece to the flower hair clip. but truth is, i used one whole spool of blue thread to spin the tassel because i have no more money and time to spend on a ready-made tassel from a store (which  could probably be inaccurate to the colour or wrong shape that i want, and waste petrol and parking fee too).

my handmade tassel was created out of a stroke of luck - i found the perfectly accurate blue thread in the sewing drawer, and immediately got to work. i picked up a case of marker pens in the length i think is right for the tassel, and started to wind the thread around it until there was very little thread left on the spool. then i cut  the roll of thread in half once, and looped a short thread around the top to secure the loose ends. finally, i wind another thread around the 'head' part to get that bubble top.

next is the performance prop.. because i do not look so bad with the roast chicken speech bubble and a fringe. XD i want to keep that fringe, but i need a SUPER SHORT doll-cut to use on CF day2. come support me by watching the Checkmate Team performance on CF day1 at 2pm, and wish us luck and roast chicken will be served! haha~

finally, the disaster haircut. *cries*

i seriously thought the wig looked a little like Japan from Hetalia after i cut the fringe! well, truth be told, indeed it was labelled as a Japan/Hetalia wig by the seller in the first place. i bought it to use as the short base wig for my Black Rock Shooter cosplay.. but i guess, (mind if i repeat myself here) with no more (money/time) budget to spare, i cannot splurge on a new wig.

now, about the title of this post: lash rhymes with dash, but i was meaning (eye)brow... while i was trimming the fringe, unknowingly, i accidentally cut off some eyebrow. @____@;;; oh well, Ranmao actually has a unique eyebrow shape. this incident only helped me to look more Ranmao-like.

for now, i will have to make do for Ranmao. i still have a couple things to do:
  1. make the little horns and braids to complete Ranmao's wig;
  2. sew on the butterfly pattern on the dress!
well, at least, that is one less item to do for Ranmao since the previous post here. but that means i am doomed on CF day2. (OMG it is only half way done - shall i just cancel my CF day2 plan?)

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Terrasmark said...

Just dye the hair melon green & U & the cat would be indistinguishable...

Heck, perhaps U may even consider the melon cat cosplay as your plan B. :-P

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